Al-Madinah Muslim school: Mother withdraws son after he was ‘banned from looking at female students’

Whats up with the no fairy tales?

Michael Gove is a pillock, a School like this should never have been allowed to be given free school status so a so called school like this can perpetuate segregation and intolerance, teaching middle eastern style has no place in British society, this school should lose its licence and Michael Give should be shuffled out of the cabinet or give the post of Minister for the pillocks and imbeciles.

She also claimed her son had been told off for looking at female students.

Lord Nash’s letter orders the school to provide evidence within the next week that it has stopped any practices that lead to women and girls being treated ‘less favourably’ than men and boys, and to notify all of its staff that they are not required to cover their hair if it is against their religion or beliefs.
The letter, addressed to Shazia Parveen, chairwoman of governors at Al-Madinah Free School also sets out other action that the school must take in the next few weeks, including satisfying the Government that its curriculum is ‘broad and balanced’ and that it is welcoming to children of all faiths and none.

“Inspectors discovered that staff records showing whether they were cleared to supervise children were either missing or incomplete”, I dread to think of pedophiles sneaking into this school as a teacher without adequate checks. They should just withdraw the funding and call it a day !
‘But he said: “No, mum, you can’t the woman aren’t allowed to sit with the men” – and there was a big partition in the hall so I couldn’t see him. I was stunned.’
She said: ‘The girls sat at the back of the classrooms, and the boys at the front. My boy was told under no circumstances should he look behind at the girls.’

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The school was temporarily closed last week due to a ‘health and safety issue’ following an Ofsted inspection

Mr Wilson said at the time the school was closed that the decision had been taken on health and safety grounds, later insisting the action was to address a ‘short-term health and safety issue that has now been completely resolved and will not reoccur’.
‘Ofsted began an inspection of Al-Madinah School on Tuesday October 1,’ Sir Michael said.
How would he help the reception class when the schools are in separate places? I’m more concerned that the. This talented author has been writing insightful posts on CPR Training Philadelphia over the past 5 years and is an expert on subjects associated with this. For more articles of his work and learn more about this subject, please visit our awesome site. Here you will find a lot of information that will without doubt be of great help.jnr school is on the main street of bars, in an office block with no playground!
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While Ofsted’s findings have not been finalised and none has been published, reports suggest the watchdog will judge it ‘inadequate’, the lowest rating.


CWG, Brampton, 9 hours ago

PUBLISHED: 02:09 EST, 8 October 2013 | UPDATED: 18:15 EST, 8 October 2013

Sarah, Australia, 9 hours ago
The school’s inspectorate also confirmed that the principal of the school took the decision to shut due to inspectors’ concerns that records showing whether staff were cleared to supervise children were missing or incomplete.

The Schools Minister said that the school had ‘manifestly breached’ its conditions, and can expect to be closed down if it does not make immediate changes.
‘At an awards night, I wanted to sit with my son and enjoy the evening.

Al-Madinah Muslim school: Mother withdraws son after he was ‘banned from looking at female students’ | Mail Online

IwillSayMyPiece, LondonCalling – HereThereEverywhere, 9 hours ago

She has now decided to withdraw the 14-year-old from the school after claiming he was forced to join lessons with five-year-olds when he opted out of lessons studying the Qu’ran.

‘On the same day, the principal took the decision to close the school as a result of inspection concerns over safeguarding checks. Inspectors discovered that staff records showing whether they were cleared to supervise children were either missing or incomplete.

The health and safety concern was that CRB checks had not been completed for all adults who had contact with the puplis.

It adds: ‘At the centre of our school is a community of pupils, able to enjoy learning in a caring Islamic environment which promotes a culture of high expectations and outstanding performance.’

laura, derbyshire, 9 hours ago


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Cut the BS, Dorset, 9 hours ago

By Daily Mail Reporter

@your father, castle greyskull – couldn’t agree more!

A mother has said she is pulling her teenage son out of the Al-Madinah Muslim free school on the day the Government said it must take ‘swift action’ to address concerns over the way it is run or face the prospect of closure.
Other reports claimed that female pupils were made to sit at the back of the classroom and males at the front.
It says: ‘The Trust has manifestly breached the conditions of its funding agreement by failing to ensure the safety of children at the school; delivering an unacceptably poor standard of education; discriminating in its policies and procedures towards female staff; and failing to discharge its duties and responsibilities in respect of the governing body.

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‘I will not tolerate breaches of the commitments you gave when entering into the funding agreement.’

Your Father, Castle Greyskull, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago

She said: ‘I sent my son to the school because he had been badly bullied at his last school and I felt that a faith school would be a safe place to send him.

chrissie, winchester, 9 hours ago

Lord Nash’s letter comes on the same day that Ofsted confirmed that its report into Al-Madinah Free School, which was forced to close last week just hours after inspectors arrived, is due to be published in the next few days.

HomeCountiesHarpy, Wales, 9 hours ago
Jacqueline Crossley, 53, has said her son, who she does not want to be identified, was forced to cover his head and banned from looking at female students and is the only non-religious pupil at the school in Derby.
Recently, there have been reports in the media that female teachers at the school were forced to wear hijabs even if they were not Muslim.

Ms Crossley said she was told she couldn’t sit near her son at an awards night because women and men would be separated by a partition.   More… ‘I’m not brave’: Hero lollipop lady who saved schoolchildren after driver lost control says she was just doing her job after Pride of Britain Award honour ‘We will attack whenever we have a chance’: Taliban renews threat to kill schoolgirl Malala, 16, who survived terrorist shooting

I bet you the Gov backs down like the spineless bunch they are!
Lord Nash warns: ‘Unless swift action is taken to address these concerns in a comprehensive way I will be compelled to terminate the school’s funding agreement.’


Why would she send her kid there in the first place?

Interim principal Stuart Wilson told the BBC last week that he had not received any complaints from colleagues over the school’s dress code and denied that pupils had been split up.

TonyG, Aix la Chapelle, 9 hours ago
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Lord Nash’s letter orders the school to provide evidence within the next week that it has stopped any practices that lead to women and girls being treated ‘less favourably’ than men and boys
anotherisolatedincident, crazytown – therealworld, 9 hours ago

The school re-opened to pupils yesterday.

Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd

Al-Madinah, which is one of the Government’s flagship free schools, opened in September last year.

On its website, it describes ‘a strong Muslim ethos’ with shorter holidays and longer school days ‘to maximise opportunities for pupil achievement and success’.

This effectively means that the school will face closure if it fails to deal with the Government’s concerns.
Ms Crossley was left furious after she was told her son would get extra tuition in core subjects if he opted out of daily Qu’ran and Islamic study sessions but was instead sent to assist a teacher with a reception class.
‘But it felt as though the bullying was coming from the school, rather than other teenagers. He was discriminated against because he had no religion.
A mother has withdrawn her 14-year-old son from the Al-Madinah Muslim free school (pictured) after claiming he was banned from looking at female students

In a statement, Ofsted chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw said the school re-opened after inspectors made a return visit to ensure that the right checks – such as criminal records checks – were in place.
– Lord Nash

‘Inspectors are now engaged in finalising the inspection report for Al-Madinah School, which we expect to be able to publish in the next few days.’

Funny how Britain,the land of the so called “Kaffirs” have never had an incident in any of our faith schools,be it RC or C of E,whereby a Muslim has been penalised,victimised or ostracised on the basis of their religion…..wish I could say the same for their schools….that’s right I can’t,because they would NEVER let a non-muslim in!

Why is this “school” still open ???
A Muslim member of staff from Al-Madinah School. Other members of staff are claiming they have been asked to wear headscarves
‘The school remained closed until yesterday when inspectors made a return visit to satisfy themselves that the necessary safeguarding arrangements were in place and that there were sufficient numbers of adults with the necessary clearance for the school to function safely.
‘In particular, inspectors needed to see evidence that CRB/DBS checks had been properly completed for employees and were held on an accurate, single central register.


‘Unless swift action is taken to address these concerns in a comprehensive way I will be compelled to terminate the school’s funding agreement’ 
And according to a letter sent to the school by Lord Nash, Al-Madinah has failed to keep pupils safe, provide a good education and has discriminated against female staff.


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